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5 Ways To Celebrate Women’s History Month Near Bel Air South

Women’s History Month was started in 1987 as a way to commemorate contributions that women have made throughout history. Women’s History Month is celebrated around the country from March 1 through March 31. Throughout history, women have made strides for equality in their homes, cities and country. Women’s History Month offers an opportunity to reflect on the female predecessors who have paved our way. Here are five great ways to celebrate Women’s History Month near Bel Air South.

Gather Your Female Friends at Bynum Run Park

Get a handful of your female friends together for a walk around Bynum Run Park in Hartford County. Just a two-minute drive from Bel Air apartments, this park has open space and a lovely pond. There are plenty of benches to sit and reflect. While you’re there, have a discussion about the positive influence you have each had on each other as friends.

Bring Your Kids to Rockfield Park

Bring your children to Rockfield Park, just a few minutes farther away from Bel Air South apartments. Having a picnic is a perfect opportunity to educate them on important women of history. The National Geographic Kids has compiled some amazing material.

Interview a Woman in Your Office

Do you have an inspiring woman in a position of power in your workplace near Bel Air South apartments? Take an hour and interview her. Find out how she got to where she is and what struggles she had to overcome. Stories like these can empower women everywhere. Once you write up the interview, publish it on your blog, or post it to your social media accounts so that others can draw inspiration from it. Be sure to include a photograph of the woman who inspires you to greatness!

Stream Movies With Strong Female Leads

Another great way to celebrate Women’s History Month near Bel Air South is to stream true story movies with strong female leads. Consider watching with your family and friends so you can share the narrative that women can be strong and powerful against all odds. Ideas for such movies include:

  • Not Without My Daughter,” about a woman who escapes with herself and her daughter from domestic imprisonment in Iran.
  • The Impossible,” about a mother who leads herself and her son to safety after a tsunami in Thailand.
  • Harriet,” about Harriet Tubman, who led hundreds of slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad.

Sponsor a Fun Run

Near the end of March when temperatures are higher, have a fun run on Brierhill Drive. Get your friends, family and colleagues involved. Have people get sponsors for every mile they run or walk. Donate the money to a local women’s shelter so that women who are struggling have a chance to turn their lives around. This is a great way to not only commemorate past women who have made a difference, but to help modern women make a difference in their own future. 

No matter how you celebrate Women’s History Month this year near Seasons at Bel Air apartments, you owe it to all the women in your life to respect and nourish their past and future achievements.

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