Exercise at the Seasons’ Tennis Courts This Summer

Tennis is a great workout. It helps you burn calories and work every muscle in your body, but it’s also an excellent way to boost your heart health, improve your balance and coordination, and have fun.

Also, logging hours at a steady pace on a treadmill or bicycle won’t help you build the explosive start and quick-stop muscle strength you can get by sprinting on the court. So, we came up with the perfect tennis workout to make the most of the court in Seasons at Bel Air, Maryland.

The Health Benefits of Tennis

Tennis promotes cardiovascular health. It increases your heart rate and breathing, making it a calorie-burning, high-intensity total-body cardio workout. It improves musculoskeletal function. Tennis works the whole body with the hybrid high-intensity interval training, improving muscular endurance and strength.

Check out this simple tennis court workout plan to improve your cardio and agility with sprints.

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Stay Fit With This Sprint Workout

Warmup: Jog counterclockwise around the court, but run facing forward on the right side, baseline to baseline. Shuffle along the baseline and run backwards down the left baseline—repeat at least three times.

Begin at the center of the baseline or the court’s backline—sprint to the junction of the center line and the service line. Cut right to the sideline and then backpedal to the baseline. These are called “baseline sprints.” Repeat the exercise but turn left at the T of the service court. Perform 10 to 20 reps for three to five sets.

Follow it with shuttle runs (known as the “suicide drill”), which build strength in your quads and hamstrings. Begin at the baseline, sprint to the service line, touch the bar, swivel around and sprint back to the baseline. Perform five reps. Repeat it but extend the distance of the sprint to the net.

Spend This Summer at the Seasons’ Tennis Courts

Tennis is an excellent cardiovascular workout. It’s the perfect summer activity to practice at the tennis courts Seasons at Bel Air has for the residents. One of the many amenities of our luxury apartments in Bel Air, Maryland.

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