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Plan the Perfect Picnic in Bel Air!

Spring is nearly here, and you know what we love to do when spring comes? Go on a picnic! There’s a real art to picnicking. Bringing the right food and packing the right equipment can make the experience that much better. If you live in Bel Air near Aberdeen, these picnic suggestions can help you plan the perfect outdoor meal with friends or loved ones. 

Pack It In the Right Container

It’s tempting to pack your picnic in a basket just like they do in storybooks, but baskets won’t insulate, which means your food will be warm when you arrive for your picnic. Packing your food in the right container can mean your food will be fresh and delicious when you arrive. 

Bring an insulated cooler that will keep cold items cold. 

Pack non-refrigerated items in a tote or in a backpack with comfortable straps.

Pack food in plastic bins to keep them separate within the cooler or tote. 

Choose a comfortable (but durable!) blanket

Choose a blanket with some padding to make sitting on the ground more comfortable. the picnic.  

Pack the Right Stuff

You may bring a lot to your picnic, but here’s what we recommend. 

  • Cutting board. Bring a cutting board for slicing sandwiches, spreading butter and doing other table-top things. 
  • Mason jars. Pack your food into mason jars. You can even put individualized portions of desserts into mason jars, but remember that mason jars add a lot of weight. Be choosy, and avoid packing too much food. 
  • Cushions. Bring cushions for sitting on, or for laying on when the meal is over. 
  • Silverware, cups and plates. You may decide to bring disposable plates and silverware, or non-disposable items from your kitchen. Pay attention to weight. Avoid bringing anything that’s too heavy.   
  • Trays. Unless the ground is very even, you’ll have a hard time finding the right surface for setting down cups on the ground. Bring a tray or two to make this easier. 
Picnic near Seasons of Bel Air Apartments

Choose the Right Location

It’s important to pick the right picnic location. You’ll want a picnic area that is close enough to parking that you won’t have to drag your food very far, and a place that offers appropriate shade, so you won’t have to be sitting in the sun. In Bel Air near Aberdeen, there are many places where you can find a good picnic area. Some suggestions include:

Festival Park. This little park is equipped with picnic tables, trees and parking. There’s also a bathroom, pavilion and playground for the kids to run around before and after the meal!

Gunpowder State Park. This park has a little of everything including picnic areas, a marina, trails and more.  

Enjoy the Season at Seasons at Bel Air 

The residents from Seasons at Bel Air welcome you to see what it’s like to live close to a variety of parks, where you can picnic all the time. Contact us today to see the available units in our Bel Air apartments. 

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